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Key visual for Jan Henrik Hansen with vvvv

4th December 2013 by Armin Seltz

Jan Henrik Hansen asked me to code a custom software to create various key visuals for him. These are some examples of unedited output of the software, which is coded in vvvv. Each “rendering” can take up to 10 minutes to finish and watching the type form slowly is one of the most mesmerizing, relaxing and magical things I have seen in a long time.

The output can be rendered as an image at any size and simultaneously create a video of the rendering.

5 images

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Octane lives again

15th March 2013 by Armin Seltz

After a long time of not opening Octane render, the beast of a render engine has once again been released. Octane is now in Version 1.1 and brought some amazing revelations. They have added instancing as one of the features, which finally enables us to render out the creations of the vvvv-midi-to-3d-project.

Here are a few of the first renders of midi-generated 3D shapes how they SHOULD look like. They were rendered on a Macbook Pro and took between 3 and 30 minutes.

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3D rendering with Octane

1st February 2011 by Armin Seltz

Here are the first tests of rendering with the software Octane by Refractive Software. Impressive stuff!

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