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On 02 Feb 2013

On 02, Feb 2013 | In

3D objects from Midi data – vvvv

This is an ongoing project with Studio Jan Henrik Hansen, where I developed a software tool to visualize midi data in 3D space creatively and in real-time. The tool was developed using the excellent vvvv toolkit.
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Lighttrailer V1.0 Lighttrailer V1.0 Lighttrailer V1.0 Lighttrailer V1.0

On 01 Aug 2012

On 01, Aug 2012 | In

Lighttrailer V1.0

Exploring the concept of long exposure photographs and light (light trails), I built this 5m lightrail rig.

It was completely cordless, remote controllable and waterproof. It consisted of 200 RGB LED’s on an extendable fishing pole. The whole thing took about 30 minutes to put together and I went out that night for a little midnight shoot.
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