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Risk board

As a special birthday present, the challenge was to create a playing board for the popular board game Risk (“Risiko” in German). After some brainstorming, I came up with the idea of making one out of plexi glass, with the graphics inverted and engraved.

The board was completely re-drawn as single line vectors by hand in Adobe Illustrator and a special plugin used to create the single-line text suitable for laser engraving (it’s called monoline text by Jongware). A few custom symbols were added as well as some basic rules and a new logo for the board. Finally it was laser cut and engraved by me out of 5mm black plexi glass.

Finally using a technique I developed together with architect and maker Rasmus Palmquist, the board was coloured by hand – the longest part of the whole process.

Additionally the required game cards and a rule book were completely redesigned by graphic designer Tymon Dabrowski.